Creativity Class Reflection 13: Dream space

I am definitely a Googler of what dreams mean, especially after I had what is said to be a common dream about your teeth falling out. That one supposedly marks anxiety, a large transition in one’s life and, of course, Freud says it represents sexual repression. *Insert cool symbol emoji*

But, when Dr. Crespy came to talk to our class he explained that our dreams are our own. He led us through creating our very own Dream Cache out of a lunch bag in which we could write down dreams we have and put it next to our bed to be able to reflect on what our subconscious mind is whipping up. Before we could just go sleep on it (lol), he prompted us to write different things to tap into our dreaming mind. We had to write down feelings that intrigued us, people that came to mind, places that meant something to us, events that we enjoyed, etc. Then he made us blindly grab these slips of paper and create a quick dream from it. Mine wasn’t that fantastical and involved me getting with my current crush (surprise, surprise) in my stable, future home. Some of my classmates shared their written dreams and they sounded like lyrical art, but they were very true to what I knew about those people. It’s fascinating how random thoughts, feelings and things can be so representative of people’s real and unreal experiences and perspective on life.

That idea kind of bled into what we did in class after my group’s project presentation (which went amazingly). We had the Interactive Theater Troupe come in to our class and play out a scene of students discussing religious extremists. It was crazy how much my blood boiled as an actor played a devout Baptist that harped on how Muslims were scary and “the other.” It seems so obvious to me how ignorant that is, but the reality of this “fake” scenario is that there are people whose experiences have pushed them to believe something like that. It was fun to watch Lizzie, one of my classmates, interact with the scene and try to find common ground with the different characters that were all trying to shut each other down. Even though her personal experiences were a bit different than the majority of the cast, she found a way to level with all of them, which shows how everyone can connect in some way. I mean, that teeth dream must be common for a reason…


One thought on “Creativity Class Reflection 13: Dream space

  1. The way you tied in your teeth dream to the interactive theatre was delightful and made me laugh out loud!

    Yes, I have the teeth dream too from time to time. It wasn’t so funny when a tooth actually broke when I was awake, and had to be repaired. I’m not sure why losing teeth is so incredibly scary.

    Re the interactive theatre: some things that do seem obvious to us may not seem obvious at all to others, as you observe. We’ve sometimes collected surveys and comments from our audience after a performance. One of my favorites is from a student who observed the script you saw and then said he had always assumed his own religion was the correct one, but he now understood that other people thought the same thing of their religions and should be respected.

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