Creativity Reflection 14: Sweet Home Chicago

I almost cried when I pulled into Chicago for my friend’s fraternity formal. Sure, maybe some of it might’ve been due to the fact that I was tipsy from drinking on the bus ride up, but this is the place I feel the happiest and the most creative.

I am inspired by the skyline and how it varies in shapes and sizes. It is historic and dynamic all at the same time. Lights were documenting the city being NFL Draft Town and Grant Park was transformed to a football paradise (which had me hyped more than anything). It is amazing to see how they creatively used this park space for multiple events throughout the year. It is forever changing and I never feel like I am entering the same park twice because of Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza and other events.

These events bring more people to the city and the city absorbs their actions, inspirations and feelings to continually adapt and be more vibrant with each passing day. No matter the season, the reflective view from The Bean, or Cloudgate as known to very few, is always beautiful. I am honestly in love with it most when there is a perfect snow cap atop it and the city is sparkling with ice crystals. I can feel the wind making my cheeks numb and rosy and my body feels strong against the bitter wind. Nothing makes me feel more alive.

When I was just there for formal, it rained all day on the Saturday we were there. I hate the rain but there was something so peaceful about walking through the city I knew and loved with the soft rhythm of the pitter-patter of the raindrops. It created a misty fog that hid the tops of the buildings from view and made me daydream about the kind of mythical creatures hiding in the precipitation.

This is my place. It is my forever home.


One thought on “Creativity Reflection 14: Sweet Home Chicago

  1. It’s wonderful that you love your home town. Of course, there’s a lot to love in Chicago. I grew up in Southwestern Michigan, across the lake from Chicago. My parents would take me on the train to Chicago for a shopping trip or to see a musical comedy. So I can relate to your associating Chicago not only with feelings of home but with cold and snow and magic.

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