Creativity Class Reflection 14: Creative competition

I am a pretty judgmental person. My Meyers-Briggs personality type is ENTJ with that J standing for judgment. I use standards for almost anything I do. I subconsciously will compete with my peers because I have a hard time figuring out quality without some sort measuring tool.

When it comes to creativity, it is hard to do that. But, we had a guest speaker that made us judge different things and pick the most creative. First it was different running shoes and my little group of three people looked at shoes that we found to be the most innovative or unlike what is already on the market to determine what is the most creative. A couple other groups agreed with us, which shows how creativity can viewed similarly for products that we all have a lot of work with.

We then had to look at Olympic logos. This was interesting because some of the newer ones are things that we have seen shared and critiqued on social media, which could cloud how “creative” we considered them. Instead of using things like innovation as a judging factor, we considered how well the logos integrated the idea of people/countries being together and the colors of the rings. We were more attracted to ones that didn’t look exactly like rings because it seemed easy to just shove the Olympic rings somewhere and call it a day.

The last things we had to judge was probably the hardest and it was Apple products. My group made arguments for a couple different products for being the most creative based on if it was the first of it’s kind or if it revolutionized the current technologies. Our choices would probably be very different than our parents since we have  grown up with more computers and similar technologies than they have.

This class really made me stretch what I thought about creativity since I alway just considered a black and white you are creative or you aren’t. But this helped me realize that you can think of legit factors that you can qualify what makes something creative or not. It is similar to how I approach word choice in stories because there are always so many better words than unique that can actually qualify whatever you are trying to describe.


One thought on “Creativity Class Reflection 14: Creative competition

  1. So few things in life can actually be categorized as either black or white. Gray comes in many different shades, plus there are rainbow hues of all sorts, to say nothing of those colors on the parts of the spectrum that our eyes can’t see.

    For those of us who love writing, finding just the word we want is a treasure hunt: a word that not only has the nuance of meaning we’re seeking but also rhythm and rhyme, alliteration and sound value. Searching for just the right word can be a creative quest, and when we find it, we say, “Aha!”

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