College Gloss Mizzou

I was a DIY columnist and contributing writer for Mizzou’s branch of College Gloss, an online fashion and lifestyle magazine for college-aged women. Check out my articles from when I wrote for them from September 2012-August 2013!

Favorite Event/Opinion pieces

Leggo My Leggings: A Cautionary Tale on the Versatile Layering Piece | On Campus

Vagawanna Know About MU Vagina Monologues | On Campus

Women’s History Month: Kick A$$ Mizzou Women | On Campus

Cindy Gallop: #MakeMULoveNotPorn | On Campus

Drag Show Do’s and Don’ts | On Campus

Favorite DIY Articles

MIZ-DIY: Peter Pearl Collar | On Campus

Bow Tied-Up DIY | On Campus

Chipper Earrings: Paint Chip DIY | On Campus

Bangle Pops: Popsicle Stick DIY | On Campus

Chain Wrap Bracelet DIY | On Campus

Fashion DIY: Tearin’ Up TOMS | On Campus

Fashion DIY: How to Tie-Dye Your Clothes | On Campus

Check out more of my work on my profile on the site!


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