Creativity Reading Response 13: Testing, testing

When I started taking this Creativity course, the Type A, grade-conscious part of me wondered how grading would work for this class. I feel like most of my peers chirp about how they are/aren’t “that” creative, but on what scale? What made them less creative than something or someone else?

Piirto in Chapter 12 of Understanding Creativity brings up that idea. Creativity is a construct because it is something that helps makes up a person’s behavior, yet is unobservable and not directly measurable. “The lack of a universal definition for creativity — and the complexity of what is creativity — is the major problem in developing a valid test or measure,” according to Piirto (381). It’s hard to accurately assess creativity when it comes in so many different forms. In my friend group alone not one of us is creative in the same way as someone else. Cassa is creative with her writing, Christine is creative with her story ideas, Alison is creative with her approach to food, Caroline is creative in social media, Brendan is creative with his graphic designs, Hannah is creative with her witty words, Mary is creative with her numbers and yarn work, Veronike is creative with her culture and her activism and I am creative with my clothes. If you made us all take the same test, our results would be so different that it wouldn’t be able to standardize our level of creativity.

I think that is a really true testament to what I’ve learned through this course so far. In all my other academic avenues, especially in the very competitive J-school, I have felt pushed (and pushed myself) to compare myself to others and their abilities. But this class has opened so many different avenues to how I approach being creative, whether it is through song, meditation, playing with figurines, making images with my body or acting. Though I might not be amazing at all of the different things we try in class, they all increase my ability to look at things in different ways. There isn’t a right or wrong to creativity, which is hard for me to comprehend at times, but I think it is just what I needed to think out of the box.



One thought on “Creativity Reading Response 13: Testing, testing

  1. I think you really put your finger on it when you said that the various activities we’ve done in class all increase your ability to look at things in different ways–to me, that ability is the key to creativity. People can have different talents and can express their creativity in different ways. I’m sure there are some questions for which there’s only one right answer, but the minute one starts to believe there’s only one “right” answer to everything, one is boxed in.

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