Creativity Reflection 15: Iowa and back

Sometimes creativity is a spur of the moment thing. Sometimes it is born out of an immediate need. This past week for my capstone presentation, it was a little bit of both as we hustled at 4:30 in the morning to figure out how we wanted to split up the part of the presentation that one of our team members who overslept wasn’t able to do.

Creativity sometimes comes at not ideal situations. This wasn’t ideal. I honestly just wanted to sleep since it was 4:30 in the morning and I went to bed at 1 a.m. because I was so stressed. But instead, I had to take on a new part of the presentation and look it over. I feel asleep for bit because my body won out over my racing brain. The missing team member called not long after I woke up and apologized. My creativity kicked into gear to have me not sound like an incredibly bitter and upset person and instead I had to solve the problem at hand. My team member couldn’t get to Iowa to present with us at Meredith Corp. because she didn’t have a car so we had to take on her part, but I had to make sure she wrote us detailed notes so we could take on her parts without sounding like idiots.

When we got there, we presented and it wasn’t too obvious that we were missing someone. Sure, us explaining her parts weren’t as smooth as I would’ve like it but we improvised so our diction and syntax made it seem smooth and part of the presentation. All in all, our content and idea for our magazine capstone project was what got the judges excited. That creativity shone through and it proved how a good idea and hard work can really come to life.


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