Creativity Class Reflection 15: Last ever

Lately I have been more peeved with being in attendance for my Creativity class because of a lot of outside stressors. Heck, I skipped once last week because I thought I was going to pass out from anxiety overtaking my body if I went there instead of working on the multiple things I had to finish in less than 24 hours. But, for the majority of the semester, this class has been a much needed escape.

I went into the last ever Creativity class (before we present during finals week) on edge about my capstone presentation I had to give to the publishers at Meredith Corporation about a magazine I helped create with four other people. But this last ever Creativity gave me the clarity and ease of mind that I needed to go into the crazy Friday I had ahead of me. We meditated for a bit and were asked to summon our muse and see what they showed us for the future. We have envisioned our muse multiple times this semester and my muse is feminine and almost made purely of light. This time in my time of need she gave me a bottle of this elixir that acted almost like a prism. All the negativity and stress was filtered through it (and mostly taken on by her) and then streamed as light and good vibes. The overall feeling was harmonious and calm and hopeful.

This encounter with my muse and then me drawing her out and what we envisioned for the future was probably the best way for me to (temporarily) calm down before my presentation. Walking around and see how hopeful most of my class was for the future through our drawings was encouraging. It shows how this class has opened our minds to creative solutions to problems that could plague our futures, thus making us more hopeful.

I just want to thank this class for being something different. Although some days were long and sometimes I felt like they were pointless, they helped me break away from my academic routine and improved how I thought about other classes. Creativity class changed me, and I couldn’t be happier.


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