Creativity Reflection 12: Breezes and noises

I was trying to get my creativity on this past week with starting my cooler crafting project for a friends fraternity formal. This weather has (and will continue to be) so sunny and practically perfect that it is hard to not have an excuse to be outside. I had set up my drop cloth and cooler sanding and priming supplies when I started to space out a bit.

Sitting on a grassy area in front of my East Campus apartment is the perfect perch for a lot of things.

People Watching


or just Thinking.

And that’s what I did.

I thought about how the girls who live in the front house to my apartment maybe were judging me as they chirped about whatever gossip about whatever girl as they sipped their wine from painted, personalized wine glasses.

I thought about how I didn’t really care and that I knew at least one of them couldn’t be judging me for my Blackhawks shirt since I have seen the little face of Abe on their license plates. They could actually be on my side.

I thought about how one of my arms would scritch and scratch away at the shiny red plastic and get stronger than the other. I would have to switch to sand. I was surprised my knees weren’t sore from kneeling on the uneven ground, but I guess my legs are stronger (even with a healing sprain) than I thought.

I thought and listened to the cars passing by and caught a glimpse of a familiar face, but not familiar in a way that I necessarily needed to care. I put on my Spotify softly but didn’t really pay attention to the female pop star crooning.

I was in front of a kind of slummy apartment complex partaking in a strange fraternity formal ritual. None of it would make sense to people outside of the college bubble. But for a moment, I felt like I burst it.


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