Creativity Class Reflection 12: Problem Solvers part 1

This week in class was when our problem group projects were due. My group didn’t present during these class periods because one of my group members needed to ~creatively~ choose what med school she was going to by visiting New York. But, two groups with the problems of getting people into nature and improving human connection.

The nature group capitalized on the meditation exercises our class has done in the past and made us meditate briefly while listening to calming nature noises and then while listening to the hustle and bustle of phones, computers and other office things. The transition between the two sound clips was so fast that it added to how anxious the second sound clip made the room feel. The group told us to go outside and look at different elements of nature, such as blades of grass or old leaves or the dandelions that I rushed to blow out when I got outside. We only had five minutes, but even that little time did kind of improve my rather sour mood. It helped prove how nature is better than sitting in artificial light or staring at screens all the time. Sometimes you never notice the little bits of beauty all around you when your face is always buried in texting, Snapchatting, etc. Their solution was a pamphlet and website that reached out to parents and kids to get them to want to go outside more and push their parents to take them outside more.

The other group wanted to tackle the problem of how people are losing real human connectedness to being on social media or messaging through other means instead of talking in person. They came up with the idea of an app that will help people utilize their free time to meet up in person with their friends, family and loved ones by matching their schedules. It was fun because they gave the rest of the class fake schedules and made us talk to our fellow classmates to figure out a time during our week to meet up. It was crazy how fast I could fill up my schedule and I got to talk to people while doing it. This seemed very realistic with how Millennials work and how busy they tend to think they are.

I can’t wait to present my group’s project to see how much our creative processes varied (or were similar) to these other groups.


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