Creativity Reflection 10: Recycling research

I used this week for more research for our problem. I looked at how recycling works throughout Columbia. I remember reading about how Columbia switched to allowing plastics 1-7, but it was interesting to see how it pretty much didn’t include the majority of type 6 plastics, such as plastic bags and styrofoam. Plastic bags and styrofoam cups are huge things that the large college kid population produce in their waste (I see you HyVee bags and Chick-fil-A cups), so there needs to be a better way to reduce the use of this or increase the ability to recycle them properly.

Many college students live in apartments, but not all of them have easy recycling available to them. The city of Columbia has a list of apartments that have designated days when recycling is picked up/they have a container to take their recycling out to. This doesn’t cover the entirety of student living areas, though. They have ways to get bags to get picked up at the curb, but my apartment doesn’t do curb pick up, so this isn’t always applicable.

If it wasn’t for this project/my passion to keep the Earth healthy, I wouldn’t have known anything about these things, which just shows how convoluted recycling is in this town, especially to uninformed college kids.


One thought on “Creativity Reflection 10: Recycling research

  1. Again great research – I wonder where all f these obstacles come from – it would be interesting to find out how/if city policies relating to trash collection/recycling are restrictive – do developers have to include ways to recycle? What about older buildings?

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