Creativity Reading Response 10: Decisions, decisions

I am pretty on the fence with my decision-handling style. LOL LAUGH AT MY JOKE.

But, for real, sometimes I am the most direct and quick decision-maker in my group of friends, and then there are times I could stare at two outfits and take 30 minutes to decide on one. I wish I could say that I make decisions easier/quicker when it comes to big things or little things or whatever, but there is no set pattern to how I stumble through decisions.

Keith Sawyer’s seventh chapter to his book Zig Zag is all about choosing as part of the creative process. There is a three step process that he mentions that is applicable especially to sellable solutions, which goes as follows:

  1. Real: Is the idea solving a real problem?
  2. Win: Can we make this a success?
  3. Worth: What is the value we can gain from this?

I feel like this is super applicable to our group project that we are doing because we need to work through these steps to create something realistic for our recycling problem. Choosing between our stack of idea notecards has been our hardest part because they all have parts that could be combined possibly. I think using this model can help refine a big problem we think we have.

This reading brought up a lot of interesting exercises that seem like they would take a lot of time, but maybe they would save time in the long run. It suggests a lot of preliminary organizing and color-coding, but one thing that seems to make the most sense is the idea of looking past the good. I have used pro/con lists multiple times in my life for larger life decisions, but playing devil’s advocate was never something I thought of as much for creative things. We had to take on that role with our ideas in class this past week and this really helped us realize what exactly we wanted to solve.

Reframing concepts and ideas really helps you refine what will work best. That is a choice I will pick every time.


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