Creativity Class Reflection 10: Get me bodied

I never realized how much my creativity class has me moving around until I had to do it all in an air cast and bandaged sprained ankle. Now, I wish my story of how I sprained my ankle was more creative than my high heel getting stuck in uneven sidewalk, but that isn’t the point. I am still lucky to be able to move around and be creative. In fact, it made me be a bit more creative in this past week’s classes.

Professor Gleason visited our class to teach us about using our bodies to convey images and ideas. We had to move from self-determined points A and B in the open space of our classroom in various segments of time. When she first made us determine the points, I picked spots about 6 feet apart since my injury was fresh and I had no idea what we were going to do next. When we had 64 seconds to move from point A to B (or vice versa) I had to be creative and move around more to end up at my point right on time. There is only so many movements I could make that wouldn’t have me putting too much pressure on my ankle and getting to my spot on time without running into the five people that had to end up right next to me.

She then made our class split into our project groups and use our bodies to show images we brought in that represented our problems. My group of three (including me) brought in photos of a Starbucks cup, a pineapple and a tree for our recycling problem that we are trying to solve. We gained the nickname (and now new Groupme name) Team Lickety-Split because we formed our three objects so quickly that it was like flipping through slides. Professor Gleason then made us get in front of the class and move through our images in succession with different time periods in between each that we had to move during. It was fascinating to see how all three of us created this out-and-circle-back pattern for our movement. It was quite like a modern dance and we formed a sort of abstract story with our bodies.

Much like I said in an earlier post, we tend to overlook how physical movement and art use creativity and how they can crossover with other creative processes. Though it may seem like we were just staging movements, we kind of got to look at our problem and how we wanted to creatively solve it in a different way. Sometimes movement really is what is needed to get those creative juices flowing.


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