Creativity Reflection 9: Sustainability Research

Since my group is trying to focus on MU campus and those who roam the campus as the targets for our recycling solution, I decided to check out what the MU Sustainability office had to offer. Our latest report is 3 years old, which I found sort of problematic since a lot has happened to the college population, what different areas of our campus look like, etc. in that time.

What I found most fascinating was how this RecycleMania competition was mentioned about us competing with other schools, but I have never heard about that in my 4 years here. It talked about getting different types of containers for events, with some of them being compost containers, which I knew existed because of when I worked with Summer Welcome and we used them for our biodegradable ice cream bowls and spoons.

Something else the site had was a sustainability top 10, but it didn’t seem to mostly include anyways to help with waste. One of them was the trail, which is more of a sustainable fun activity since it is outdoors and not using things that are harmful to the earth.

Overall, I wasn’t that impressed with the sustainability office and what they had to offer. I feel like the information their site has is not up to date and/or not publicized well enough to the student body. I hope our solution can help right this.


One thought on “Creativity Reflection 9: Sustainability Research

  1. Great research! have you reached out to anyone in the sustainability office to see how your project might contribute to the initiatives they are trying to accomplish? i think that there could be a lot that you have to offer them through your brainstorms and potential solutions.

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