Creativity Class Reflection 9: Sound of music

-songs to do with problem

-made our own jingle for our problem

A common think that people will drop as “information about themselves” whilst talking to someone on a online dating chat is how they like music. Practically everyone in the world likes music of some sort. Some people need it to study or get work done. I prefer my showers to have a soundtrack, and I play “Drag Me Down” by One Direction  everyday because it is my Senior year mantra.

Creativity and music drive each other, which is why it made sense that we had to find songs that related to the problems that we are trying to creatively solve. For our recycling problem, the song that came to my mind immediately was “Trees” by Marty Casey. Sure, this is more of a rocking love song, but some lyrics in the song that really connected to our problem were “It’ll be you and me/Up in the trees/And the forest will give us the answer” and “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah/We got one shot/So let’s use our imaginations/Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, yeah/You’re all that I got/So where do we go from here”

The first line easily connects to recycling with the idea of connecting to nature to save it by being in the trees. I thought how the song says that the forest gives us the answer, relates to how deforestation is pushing us to recycle more since there will be no forests if we don’t. The second line of lyrics really relates to it being a problem that our generation especially needs to take on, and we have to use our creative solutions to make it happen.

We then got to create jingles for our problems and solutions. For some reason the theme song for Spongebob Squarepants popped into my head and that is what we based our song on. It goes as follows:

Are you ready class? I can’t hear you…..

What do you do with the trash that you make?


The bottles and cans and plastics you take


If you throw it away it will haunt you for years


All the trees will be cut down and cry angry tears


This is exercise really pushed me to think outside of the box and also taught me how much you can relate things that you love, such as music, to brainstorming solutions to problems that seem more complex than a cartoon theme song.


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