Creativity Reflection 7: Problem research

We have started to tackle creative problem solving in my creativity class. We are all sorted into groups with different problems. My group is trying to solve how Mlizzou’s student and campus deals with recycling and make it more effective to continue helping the Earth.

Something that people don’t think about a lot when they recycle is textiles or clothes. I looked up this article which told me a little bit more:

It’s actually a whole website with resources for Maryland and to inform them of areas to donate their clothes. The info that hit me the hardest was that it’s estimated that 5 percent of landfills are textiles/clothes. The site estimated that Americans throw out about 70 pounds of clothing a year. It had a search tool on it to see where you could donate or recycle your clothing, and for Columbia all it showed was the Goodwill on Grindstone. I hope with our solution we can figure out more ways to promote and open donating clothing for Mizzou students besides that and Truman’s Closet (which is more for business wear anyways).


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