Creativity Class Reflection 8: Welcome to New York

So, I wasn’t in my Creativity class at all this past week. No, my senioritis will never be strong enough to keep me from going to classes (I feel too bad). I was in New York with the Magazine Club that is run through the Magazine emphasis in the Journalism school. We visited magazine offices to speak with Mizzou alums and other editors at the publications to get advice, learn about the industry and network our little butts off so we can hopefully all get jobs or internships.

New York is an interesting place when it comes to creativity. As a tourist, frequent visitor or even resident, most things are perfect Instagram fodder. I fell right into the trap, as one would expect from someone as #basic as me. There is something about being in a new place and finding fun food that inspires the photographer in everyone. It was fascinating to visit The Bagel Shop with my two friends, purchase rainbow bagels and then take photos in front of the same mural. But, none of our photos looked the same because we all chose different poses and parts of the mural. We were all flexing our creativity in distinctly different ways, even though we could’ve easily taken very similar photos or even one of all of us together.

Brighter smile than any toothpaste ad. #bagels #NYC

A photo posted by Veronica DeStefano (@veroniconda_18) on Mar 10, 2016 at 6:37am PST

Besides cute pictures in brightly lit restaurants and in favorite magazine offices, being in New York invigorated other parts of my creativity. Bursting out of my Columbia bubble brought me to see amazing things like Lupita Nyong’o’s new play, “Eclipsed.” This all-woman play pushed me to just trust the storytelling and not try to know a lot about the topic beforehand. This inspired me for my future creative brainstorming and thought processes to allow myself to go with something I haven’t tried or know a lot about. I think it is important to not always be totally comfortable because that is when you grow and possibly enjoy yourself the most. Meeting Lupita helped too.

Of course, it’s not a true trip to NYC if I don’t do a bit of shopping. I went to Uniqlo for the first time and now I am obsessed. Seeing the street style there and being away from big T-shirt and legging clones was what I needed to feel ready to bring new life to my own wardrobe pieces.

New places always open your eyes to different experiences and people, but if you think and look close enough, they are creativity jump starters. If the place I live can make me that way for longer than a couple week honeymoon period, then I know I am in my best place. Maybe New York will be that for me.


One thought on “Creativity Class Reflection 8: Welcome to New York

  1. For some reason, the photo didn’t appear.
    Sounds as if you made the most of your week, including exercising your creativity! Glad to hear you saw a play! Please tell me about it and whether you liked it.
    I love visiting NYC. I lived there for two months one summer, and I wouldn’t really like to live there, but visiting is great!
    The summer right after I graduated from college, I spent a month in NYC as a guest editor at MADEMOISELLE magazine. They had a program where the 20 winners of their yearly competition got to come to NYC and work at the magazine in June. If you’re interested, ask me, and I’ll tell you about it.

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