Creativity Reflection 5: Keeps getting better

The weather has been amazing here in mid-Missouri, which makes me happy and mad at the same time. I love winter and snow, but I can’t be one to poo-poo sunshine and the ability to drink beer on patios in February. This weather also kind of gives me some of that Vitamin D and endorphins that snowless winters don’t give me (snow always gives me happies). All those good feelings reminded me of another journaling exercise that we learned in creativity a couple of weeks ago called “What’s better?” I thought it would be hard to remember things that were good about my days/weeks when I first got a Passion Planner that had determined spots for those things, but it actually isn’t that hard. So, for this week’s creative idea I will list what things are better about this week than last week:

  • The weather, duh
  • My faith in social justice because of the #BlackLivesMatter speakers that I saw
  • My excitement for going to New York with magazine club
  • I’ve been sleeping a bit better
  • I’ve had great homemade meals thanks to the roommate
  • I’ve had great brunches and lunches and seen people I usually don’t see because of those outings
  • I got to dance at Roxy’s without a creeper touching me
  • It was nice enough to wear my new Birkenstocks
  • I got to pet tons of puppies at Logboat
  • I got to make a new friend

That is a pretty long list and I am sure I could think of more if sat and thought harder. Sometimes you need to remember all the great things, opportunities and people you are blessed with to remember that you are capable of doing amazing things, and that is exactly what I needed this week. I refuse to let myself sit in a funk when I can list all the good things about my life.


One thought on “Creativity Reflection 5: Keeps getting better

  1. Sounds like a great way to lift your spirits. And your list of this week’s adventures sounds wonderful. When are you going to New York and what will you do there? I plan to go for a few days over spring break to see friends and plays. Petting the puppies definitely appeals to me, too!

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