Creativity Reflection 4: Future Vee

We had a guest come into our creativity class to teach us about creative journaling techniques. One thing that we did was write a conversation to our future self. I wrote 10 years into the future to my 32-year-old self. It was fascinating to see how easily my future thoughts came to me when I separated myself from this different entity of me. For this week’s creative idea, I will continue my conversation with myself here:

Me: Will you stick with journalism?

Future Me: Why are you so concerned if I “stick” with it? What are you worried about?

Me: I worry that I wasted four years at the best journalism school in the nation. I worry that I should’ve switched to Strat Comm or just to Textile and Apparel Management.

Future Me: Just because your degree will be a BJ (that joke will get old soon, seriously) doesn’t mean you have to ever work at a newspaper. Your degree has taught you so much about how you work with yourself and others and how to communicate. Anyone, any company needs that.

Me: But, I have always felt like all the other journo students were so much better than me, how will I fit in?

Future Me: Typical. That’s the J-School for you. Pitting you against your friends and professors pushing you to do better through pure competition. You can’t let that destroy your positive headspace. Let it make you stronger, let it push you to do better, but you can’t let it freak you out to the point of being complacent.

Me: So, I’ll be all right?

Future Me: Yes, you will. Now, why are you trying so hard to picture your life without a husband or kids at 32?

Me: I am afraid of letting go of my independence. I know people call me VeronMom but I don’t know if I want the responsibility all the time. It seems so daunting right now.

Future Me: Understandable, but once you aren’t in such a temporary and moving state of mind, you’ll realize it might be something you actually want. But you have time.

Transformative project update: 

I have realized that I have started thinking about my haikus throughout the day. It has become a way for me to collect my thoughts and review something that happened or some of the things I felt during the day. My haikus aren’t the prettiest and sometimes are kind of like run-on sentences, but I like the rhythm they have. That kind of rhythm has the ability to mold to a bunch of different thoughts and feelings. There have been a couple times I had to catch up on some haikus if I forgot to do them and it was kind of nice to go over that day and find inspiration in it. That has taught me a lot about how creativity and inspiration can be found in even little daily moments or things throughout your day that might seen insignificant at the time.


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