Creativity Reflection 3: Entitled

Creativity has been a struggle in my capstone lately for me. We are creating a magazine prototype and  my team is trying to create a black family/parenting magazine, something that hasn’t been done before. To begin I am already feeling out of place because I can’t speak to the experiences of black families because that is not my place or my own experiences. This alone kind of holds my tongue because I don’t want to impose on a culture that isn’t my own. Because of this I can’t practice fluency as much as I want to because I feel limited by how many ideas I can think of or share. Elaboration is also hard because I don’t have the experiences to back up expanding on possible ideas.

Right now the problem is thinking of a title for our publication. Our group is very wary of including black in the title because we don’t want to create a box or stereotypes in our main point of selling the magazine on newsstands. We have tried to think of themes of black families and come up with things like “Together” or “Kinfolk.” But, still nothing is really sticking and feeling as powerful as we want to make the magazine.

Our professor brought up a very creative idea in helping us brainstorm, which sort of relates to what I have learned in my Creativity class about fluency. He suggested playing a word game in which we throw our finger in a thesaurus and start spitting out whatever word comes to mind when we see/hear the word our finger is pointing at. This makes our very tech-centric generation nervous because we are so used to just searching for alternative words, but the tactile action of using a paper thesaurus allows for that interaction that our group needs to create something new.

So, my creative idea for this week is to do that and try it for more than just our magazine title. I have to write a blog for Vox magazine every week and sometimes I feel repetitive with my language. Hopefully this will help:

Transformative project update: Wow. I am happy I picked this as my project because it is difficult as all get out. I am currently setting an alert on my phone to make sure I write haikus everyday. It is very telling that I am struggling to take this time for myself to just let myself reflect. I hope this project will continue to make me self-aware of how I am thinking and feeling and keep me accountable to taking care of myself and my thoughts this way.


One thought on “Creativity Reflection 3: Entitled

  1. The random word approach to brainstorming is fun and can be helpful.

    Does your team have African-American members? Could you do some background research on black culture to help you contribute to the project?

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