Creativity Reflection 2: Passion for Fashion

I rarely think of myself as artistic in the traditional connotation of the word. I am not that great at painting or drawing or sculpting something out of clay. I can’t really play any instruments and even my once great singing voice has degraded over years of yelling during soccer and lacrosse games and at football games. In turn, I have had a hard time thinking I was creative in that same traditional sense. Sure, I considered myself creative with some of my goofy ideas and my love of coloring, but it seemed that creativity born out of necessity, born out of an existing structure.

But, creativity is born out of my closet. I paint clothes onto the canvas known as my body. Somedays the painting is a little more color coordinated or pop-arty or impressionistic. It’s always art, though. People always ask me “Why are you so dressed up?” but I feel like I am just treating myself like the masterpiece that I am. Sure, sometimes that masterpiece is a little more grey and shapeless, but it’s still something that emanates some sort of meaning. I honestly don’t think I could get through some bad days without a good lip color and and outfit that demands attention.

Fashion is much like learning art history because of the different trends and beauty standards and for the literal reasoning that art and clothing styles and patterns are intertwined. Fashion is displayed in museums and pieces can go for millions of dollars, much like a Picasso. This is the art I have chosen to study and emulate. It is the art I am best at and I don’t think that is anything to be ashamed of. It holds just as much cultural significance as many famed artworks, and it helps protect your body to boot!

So, I am happy to be a fashion artist, no matter if I may be a bit of an amateur right now. I just can’t wait until I have enough money for some of the good supplies.


Transformative Project: This marks the beginning of the transformative project notes here in my creativity reflection portion. I am not off to the strongest start because remembering to do a haiku everyday is harder than one might think. I will probably have to set a daily alarm so I at least remember to do it. My first haiku was:

Should I get so lit?

Food probably loves me more

Staying in tonight

As I mentioned before, it’s not always going to be deep or insightful, but this already allowed me to sort my subconscious into a fun and different format. I am excited to see what else I write.


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