Creativity Class Response 2: Claymation

I’m no artist and usually I am moldable, but I was clay this week in Creativity class. It seems weird when I think “Ah, yes touch me and make me into something!” But, that is how I reacted to being molded by my “sculptor” partner and to my scene setting classmates. We were instructed to mold a partner into the pose of a daily activity and then the rest of the sculptors could walk around the sculpture garden of classmates to see what they were doing. I was molded into eating food whilst sitting at a table (got my squats in) and I molded my partner into a pose mid-sweep. As a class we discussed how our images came off differently to some of us and how it could feel weird being in the art and not have the perception of the outside to open up the scene. We all mentioned how our own habits, such as how we hold a broom or spoon, influenced those weird feelings, making our pose feel much more foreign than an activity we know well.

Dr. Burgoyne concluded that activity and asked for a volunteer to create a scene of the American Family. One brave classmate, Sangria Sarah (hey, name games do me in), posed a male and a female classmate in chairs in front of another male and female classmate to create the classic road trip. I was thrown in as the overly chipper housewife in the American Family scenario done by another classmate named Eric. One girl decided to switch up the nuclear family norm and showed two male classmates adopting a baby from a female classmate. Finally, our TA (and my old ResLife boss), Adam, pulled me and several others into a family scenario in which I was upset and their was some sort of family strife.

When it came down to it, all these images throughout the class were made based on our personal experiences or images that we have seen in our own lives. They always say to write or create what you know. When it comes to creativity, you to be aware of your lens of experience and bias. Use it because what you have done or seen isn’t always what others have done or seen, but you need to know when to step out of it so that you can create something new.



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