Creativity Class Response 1: Blind leading the blind

I hate being in the dark. Not like being just in a dark space, but I hate not being able to see or not knowing what is going on. Blindfolds have become my enemy through prom invitations, organization reveals and  team-building exercises. As a self-proclaimed control freak, losing a major part of control via sight is scarier than any creepy-crawlies.

But, my Creative class pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me temporary blind last week. I had to just trust the beeping noise that my partner was making to help lead me around a room with 20 other people. I probably was the most annoying partner because I kept squealing with each tiny shuffle and change of light that I could sense through my closed eyelids. But, I did it. I let my partner lead me around and I let go of control.

I also hate going slow. I am nagged by my friends for walking too fast. I tend to be a speedy talker. I like to get things done in the most efficient way possible, which usually saves time. Once again, last week my creativity classed pushed me out of my norm and made me slow-motion race. Any sort of competition can grab my attention because I am one of those annoying people that pretends they don’t LOVE winning but I really do. But, winning this race meant that you would have to be the one in the back of the pack, the one that was moving their body in the slowest and most exaggerated manner. Even when we were fans, we had to clap and cheer in slow-motion. Frankly, it was way more challenging for me than I thought it would be.

But, it all boiled down to letting go. Creativity means you let go of your norms, whether they are for efficiency or ability. You have to allow yourself to look ridiculous and make mistakes. You can’t be creative without looking outside of what you already perceive as the “best” way. Sure, it isn’t always easy and you might hate it at first (because I know I did briefly hate how I felt during these activities), but it will open you up to growth and the ability to better your own thinking and ideas. So, slow down and close your eyes and you might be surprised in where you go and see.


One thought on “Creativity Class Response 1: Blind leading the blind

  1. VRON: keep being aware of the things you hate and the things you love in this class, as reflecting on those feelings will help you continue to grow and get ready for post-college realness.

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