Sisseton, South Dakota

My participants actually learned something and liked our trip. That is all that I could ask for.

Rachel Swinney

It’s been four days since I left South Dakota. As a child of military parents, I’ve been through most of the United States, but I don’t think I’ve ever before rested my head against a window and watched South Dakota go by. I went there for my spring break, which I suppose deserves a little explanation. I applied last fall to be a participant in my school’s Alternative Spring Break program. In the application, you choose the top three issues you’d like to work with over the break. My top two were Native American Issues and Women’s Issues. I think the third was Environmental Issues, but that’s not important, because I was selected to go to Sisseton, South Dakota on a Native American and Women’s Issues trip.

It was pretty much as I’d imagined. Not terribly different from Missouri, just a little more flat. It was a nine hour drive that…

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